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Copperline was founded by brothers Brad and Tim Jones who partnered with the owner of America’s Plumber, David Chiddick. Together they formed the Copperline collaboration to bring innovation and professionalism to the plumbing industry. Copperline offers a new approach to doing business while providing the highest quality products, at a fair price, with top notch customer service and a clean, hassle free installation.

It all started when Tim needed a new water heater for his own home. A family of five with three kids (two teens) meant hot water was at a premium and not always available. To solve this problem Brad suggested a tankless system with a recirculating pump to give them endless amounts of hot water on demand. They sought out a local plumber to install one but found the Contractors were either unresponsive, unprofessional or ridiculously expensive. It became apparent there was a need in the industry for a service customers and their homes merit.

The brothers, native to San Diego County, had previous experience running successful ventures locally. Putting all their business knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to work the three set out to provide the best service possible in Copperline. Their goal is to provide you with the right product, service you expect, and confidence of someone you trust to be invited into your home.

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